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Things To Know About United States’ Visa Waiver Program

The United States Department of State is responsible for overseeing the Visa program of people visiting the U.S. Even if citizens of other countries possess a valid and current passport, they are still required to apply for a visa if they will enter the U.S. This is commonly required by most countries to ensure that international tourists meet the standards set by that country.

There are visa waiver countries though that exist because visitors on these countries are not required anymore to apply for visa. There are 35 countries listed in the Visa Waiver Program VWP, a program initially created in 1986, that are qualified for visa waiver.

The purpose of this program is to eliminate the barrier that has been set on tourists that are from countries that are friendly to the U.S. and to encourage business travelers to come to U.S.

The U.S. government determines who could be qualified in the program and there are security requirements that must be met by countries if they want to qualify under the program. The discretion whether to allow a tourist to enter the U.S. rests on the immigration officer at the port, though, even if such person holds a current and valid passport or is qualified in the VWP.

You can check out the web page created by the United States Department of State if you would like to see whether your country is qualified in the program. The Department of State covers a lot of responsibilities but you just need to find and click the “Visa” link on the right section of the website to see the list of countries included in the program. When you are directed to the Visa link, you will see the recent updates on the top portion.

The list also added 8 more countries who are approved to be part of the program. Republic of Korea, Hungary, and Czech Republic are some of these 8 additional countries. The website lists all the qualified countries already so to save the people’s time in searching if their country is part of the program or not.

There are other tourists who have disqualification issues hence, those countries that are qualified in the program can still restrict selected tourists. Examples of certain disqualifications are criminal records as well as tourist carrying a contagious disease. The purpose why there are restrictions allowed is to secure the public health and to ensure that U.S. citizens are safe.

There are many other information written on the visa section of the web page of the United States Department of State’s website that you should read. The Department of State always keep the data on their website updated so if ever you still have queries regarding visa waivers, you can just visit and check it on their website.

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